John Metz is an idiot

This guy is an idiot.
John Metz is a successful man. He owns the Hurricane Grill & Wings restaurants, runs about 40 Denny's, and even a few Dairy Queens.

John Metz is also an idiot.

Why is he an idiot?

He is declaring that because of Obamacare, he'll be adding a 5% surcharge on all sales and cutting back hours for nearly all of his employees.


He claims that his businesses do not make enough money to cover the healthcare costs of their employees.

This bumper sticker is plastered
all over John Metz's car.


Metz is not the first to make this claim, the owner of Papa John's and the owner of a number of Applebee's are claiming that they have this problem as well.

This is another idiot.
Jon Stewart took on Papa John's the other night.

Guys like Metz are really, to put it in Jon Stewart's words, "reluctant assholes."

Denny's is an enormous corporation. In it's entirety, Denny's makes about $100 million in profit yearly. That's a shit load of cash.

Now, to be fair, Metz doesn't make that kind of money, but he's got a bit of cash on hand. Denny's requires a franchisee to have a net worth of at least $1 million.

Metz owns 40.

There's $40 million right there and that's not even the full extent of the restaurants he runs and owns. It's safe to say that he's living comfortable.

Metz could absolutely afford to pay his employees full healthcare benefits, he just doesn't want to.

Let's say that paying his employees will cost him $5 million a year, it would be totally sucky to be worth $35 million instead of $40 million. Uggh that would the worrrssssttt #momoneymoproblems.

He's just a jerk. Period. End o'story.

He's probably just bitter because President Obama pwned Mitt Romney last week.

Don't take your politics out on your employees that need the hours and the money to live, Mr. Metz. Unlike you, those guys can't sell off a Denny's in order to pay the bills.


  1. No one has not twisted anyone's arm. To work for Mr Metz! That is there own option.I have supported my family. For the last 13-14 years. And enjoy working for Mr Metz. I have also met have spoken to him. On more then one accation. And he is a very nice gentleman!!!




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